Atelier Toit

Atelier Toit is the new brand and the playground of Studio Roof. Where all sorts of things are tried out and exclusive products are made, at the moment mainly from wood and handmade in Amsterdam. Jantien has helped setting up, inventing and developing Atelier Toit.

Commissioned by: Studio Roof.

Studio Roof X Jantien Baas

For studio Roof Jantien Baas designed a collection of flowers. In the form of bouquets and mobiles. All flowers in 2 colors, the front and back are therefore different, so you can choose which color you want to see.

Commissioned by: Studio Roof, Product design: Studio Jantien Baas

Shop window

For the store Stokstaart in The Hague, Jantien Baas came up with a shop window idea. A way to present Studio Roof’s new collection of flowers.

Commissioned by: Studio Roof, Idea and execution: Jantien Baas.

15 year anniversary of Studio Roof!

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Studio Roof a photo shoot was done with the theme XXL. Several products from the collection of Studio Roof have been enlarged to life-size.

Comissioned by: Studio Roof, Photography: Rolinda Windhorst, Concept and ideas: Ines beeftink en Jantien Baas, Styling: Jantien Baas.

The hat project of Studio Jantien Baas.

22 hand knitted hats made of ‘rest’ wool. When a ball of wool was completely knitted, a new ball of wool could only be started. In this way a color transfer system is created which determines what the hats look like. And there will be no leftover wool.

Concept and elaboration: Jantien Baas, styling: ‘Wij zijn Kees’ and Studio Jantien Baas, photography: ‘Wij zijn Kees’.

Edwin Pelser X Jantien Baas

Edwin Pelser and Jantien Baas made a collection of cushions with old steelcut trio fabric samples from Kvadrat.Because throwing it away is such a shame.

Photography: Jantien Baas.


Collection stripes and lines by Studio Jantien Baas

Fabric collection of stripes and lines by Studio Jantien Baas 2019, combined with drawings by Floris Schrama.

Styling and photography: Jantien Baas.

The ‘flying’ start of Studio Jantien Baas.

Designkwartier The Hague 2018. Exhibition Fly! in the gallery Artesinlimites The Hague. A swarm of 20 swans flying out of the gallery. As a presentation of the new fabric collection of Jantien Baas. Two prints, both in ten colors.

Product + fabric design: Jantien Baas, presentation: Jantien Baas, photograpy: Sara v.d.Borg.

Fabric and swans Studio Jantien Baas

The new collection of fabrics of Studio Jantien Baas. Two prints: stripes and lines. Both prints in 10 color variations, makes 20 different fabrics, photographed in France.

Product and fabric design: Studio Jantien Baas, styling and photography: Studio Jantien Baas.



Catering company Hannekes

Food: Hanneke Baas, Photography and styling : Studio Jantien Baas.


Store Tas-ka.

Tas-ka, the store on the Prins Hendrikstraat in The Hague. In this store the own collection of Tas-ka was sold and the work of other designers and brands. (2010-2017)

Jantien Baas was co-owner of the duo Tas-ka.


Tas-ka collection: Huis + schemer, lommer, dageraad.

Product design, pattern design and styling, for collection ‘house’ + ‘schemer, lommer, dageraad’ from Tas-ka (2004 – 2017)
Jantien Baas was co-owner of the company + brand Tas-ka.

Photography: Eefje de Coninck.


Collection flower, Tas-ka

Product design, styling and photography for the Tas-ka flower collection.

Jantien Baas was co-owner of the company + brand Tas-ka (2014 – 2017)


Webshop + weblog Tas-ka.

A small selection from the photography and styling for the webshop and weblog of Tas-ka. (2014 – 2017)

Jantien Baas was co-owner of the company + brand Tas-ka.

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