Risograph Print #08 "En Route" gravel walkway — Risograph Print #08 "En Route" gravel walkway

Set Sinterklaas wrapping paper


Kadodesign x Jantien Baas

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A set of paper and stickers to wrap your Sinterklaas gifts in style. All designed by Jantien Baas for Kadodesign.
4 sheets of tissue paper, pink, red steamer (50 x 70 cm).
4 sheets of tissue paper blue, Sinterklaas. (50 x 70 cm)
4 metres of gift paper craft paper Sinterklaas. (50 cm x 400 cm)
4 bags of mustard, steamer (17 x 23 cm)
15 sticker labels to write the name on (Ø 5 cm)