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Hat 22


22 unique, hand knitted hats for the hat project of Studio Jantien Baas.

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The hat project of Studio Jantien Baas is a project in which no wool was bought, but we started to knit all the “rest” of the yarns of wool. When a yarn was completely finished, a new ball of wool could only be started. This creates a colour transfer system, as it were.

All 22 hats are therefore unique and completely handmade. The labels contain an embroidered number on one side, so you can see where they belong within the colour transfer system. And on the other side of the label is a hat embroidered in the colors of the hat itself.

Because we would like to give something back to nature, we will plant 1 tree per hat sold, in cooperation with the foundation “Trees for all”. Because trees are very important for a green earth and a healthy climate!

The children’s hats are hand knitted and have different kinds of yarns, so one hat will fit a bit bigger or smaller than the other. It’s just what you love…

The photography is done by Wij zijn Kees in collaboration with Studio Jantien Baas.

The clothing is from MarMar Copenhagen, via MarMar Copenhagen and Pluk & Paloma.