Risograph Print #15 "En Route" forest road — Risograph Print #15 "En Route" forest road Risograph print #17 "En Route" village Risograph print #17 "En Route" village —

Risograph Print #09 “En Route” Curvy T-junction


Determine your own route!

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A high quality print for the wall.
Each print is a part of a road, at first I cut them from 2 colours of tissue paper, because the two colours shine through, a 3rd colour is created. You can hang them next to or underneath each other, and so create your own route and decide how many to hang. In total, there are 20 different road prints.

Each print is in A5 format, which is 14.8 cm wide x 21 cm high. Printed on 250 grams paper.

All prints are signed.