Cookie Statement Studio Jantien Baas

Studio Jantien Baas uses Javascript, cookies and web beacons to facilitate surfing behaviour. Because it is important that everyone knows what is stored on his/her computer, we have drawn up this cookie statement. Of the three above, cookies are the only ones that are actually stored on the computer.


Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit our website. By storing these cookies, the website will work better. In addition, a lot of information is extracted from these cookies to optimize the website.

Other techniques to make cookies work

Web beacons
A web beacon is a transparent pixel on a website. When it is loaded, it is known how often and at what times the web pages are loaded. In this way it is possible to measure which web pages perform better than others.

Javascript is used to make the website interactive. Javascript also ensures that the system can collect the necessary information.

Advantages of accepting cookies

Javascript, the cookies and the web beacons actually work together to create as much ease of use as possible. By accepting these techniques, the internet experience on our pages will be optimal. As a visitor, this means the following:
– Browsing over different internet pages will be faster.
– All internet pages will be well loaded.
– Products can be placed in the shopping basket while shopping.
– You can stay logged in on the website after you have logged in once.

Which cookies can be found on our website?

Cookies can be divided into types. The types of cookies that can be found on our website are:

Functional cookies
Analytical cookies
Unforeseen cookies

Functional cookies
These cookies keep the website functioning. Functional cookies are placed by default so that the website continues to function properly. The functional cookies, which are on our website, are:


Analytical cookies
Analytical cookies are used to collect usage data from our website. In this way, together with parties who help us, we can improve the website and ultimately optimise it. The analytical cookies, which are on our website, are:

Google Analytics

Unforeseen cookies
If a cookie is used that does not appear in this cookie statement, please let us know. Then we can find out from the external party what this cookie is for and what it does.

Delete cookies or change cookie settings.

If you want to delete your cookies completely, block certain sites completely or change cookie settings, this can be done in the settings of your web browser. This process differs per web browser, the steps per different web browser can be found below:

Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge
Safari (iOS)
Safari (macOS)